I’m all ears

side, top and bottom

I’m all ears, tell me more – Lisa Lorenz

Here I hand-built a free, flowing form: three bowls intertwined in one another. There are holes in the shapes, letting light through. The surface is uneven, letting the glaze flow and gather in different spaces, making it very lively. I used a mix of Ice Porcelain and Limogene, about 70/30. It started out larger and has lost nearly 20% of its original volume. Can still not get used to that! Size: 34x16x23cm. Glaze: ROK Vintage Elfenbein.

An interesting decoration for a table.

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Or a luxurious pot for three orchids, letting their roots grow out of the holes.

Price: CHF 120.00 without postage, please contact me for details if you are interested in purchasing this sculpture or if you have a commission in mind.

My ears are part of my voice – ever listening and discerning 

2 Responses to “I’m all ears”

  1. Marie Bredenkamp

    Wonderlik om te sien hoe jy g r o e i !!! Jou bakkie daagliks vir my ‘n inspirasie langs my stoel in die hoek!! Groetnis, m

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