Cream and raspberry vase


The light you see is transparency – Lisa Lorenz

This vase is hand-built and pinched, layer by layer. It has a lovely ring to it and a creamy, glossy feel. When the eye and hands wander over this body, you want to get closer, feel the deliciousness and the delicate natural organic flow on the inside and outside. What delights me the most is the transparency in the walls and the foot!
I suggest using it for tulips or a bunch of short-stemmed roses. Even a bush of cut cosmos will look terrific!

Underglaze: Duncan
Glaze: Amaco Celadon

Size: 14,5×13,5cm

It took one week for shaping and building, then two weeks for drying. After that it took another two weeks for the first firing, cleaning, sanding, glazing and the final high-firing.
A total process of 5 weeks.
Price: CHF 80.00, excluding postage. For more information please contact me.

Holding this vessel in my hand like a sound-bowl and tapping it, I walk round and round singing OM

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