5 reasons to love Lisa’s Porcelain dinnerware

You know you love handmade porcelain – the feel, the aesthetic quality, the translucency. Nonetheless, you may still wonder if it’s the right choice for your own table. Below I discuss five considerations that are fundamental for when you are looking at dinnerware.

Food-safe & lead-free

You need to make sure that the glazes used on handmade dinnerware are food-safe and lead-free. Some acids in food and detergents are able to dissolve micro particles out of any (also machine produced) glaze. With mass-produced, machine-made dinnerware, you cannot be sure that the glazes used are non-toxic, unless this is specifically stated.
I make a point of using food-safe and lead-free underglazes and glazes for the plates, bowls and cups I produce. When working with the wet porcelain I see to it that it does not land in the water waste and that emissions during firing are minimized. When placing an order with me, you are making a healthy, environmentally friendly choice.


High-rimmed plate with Japanese plum flower decoration – Lisa Lorenz

Real value for the price

Of course, you won’t be surprised that hand-crafted is a bit more expensive than mass-produced dinnerware, as hand-crafted items usually are – but keep in mind that you are also investing in art and durability! You are investing in your relationship with a potter, who is able to transform ideas and wishes into beautiful physical shapes which have practical value – an investment wisely made!


Sugar bowl with a pope’s nose lid – Lisa Lorenz

Dishwasher and oven safe

Yes! With the high-firing process (1250-1280 Celsius) the pores in the porcelain close (vitrify) and do not take in water anymore. The glaze acts like glass and makes cleaning super easy. It is also safe to use in the fridge!

Beautifully handcrafted pieces

Different “imperfect” components often shape the most beautiful natural forms.


A perfectly irregular natural shape

Our perception of a beautiful perfect plate has been schooled by the industry. It made dinnerware accessible to the masses – even having more than one set became very desirable. Today we experience a tendency in our homes to declutter and simplify. It has become important to have less, but better quality. Holding that special plate in your hands or eating fruit salad out of a hand-snuggling bowl has personal value and creates a connection with the artist which we often miss in our busy, disconnected lives. Lisa believes that taste is enhanced by the colour and shape of a handmade vessel.

 “Beauty is not a need but an ecstasy.
It is not a mouth thirsting nor an empty hand stretched forth,
But rather a heart inflamed and a soul enchanted” – The Prophet by Khalil Gibran


Frothy cappuccino in a cup made by André Fasolin

The essence of the potter remains

Can the aura of the potter survive the deadly flames? This is my favourite topic! An idea or impulse takes shape through the hands of the potter, interacting with the porcelain or clay. Personal energy is transmitted into the porcelain and the porcelain transmits its origins onto the potter. The two together start their dance of creation, moving forward and going back, giving in and pushing out, expanding and contracting. That this energy stays even through two firings is a miracle!

I challenge you to hold a handmade cup in your hands, close your eyes and feel the energy in the shape. Does it correspond with your energy? Or is it just an empty cup?

Every note I sing is ethereal and disappears into spirit, unless I record it. My spirit however, is recorded in every porcelain object I make!

Two complimenting pinchpots - transparent

Two complimenting pinch pots – Lisa Lorenz

At Lisa’s Porcelain, I incorporate the following principles when making my handmade dinnerware: health care and environmental friendliness, cost and value, practical use, aesthetic appeal and spiritual content.


All the dinnerware on this page has been sold. You are welcome to contact me for general enquiries or about a commission you would like to place.

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