Open Circle Porcelain Jewelry

And the world is like an apple whirling silently in space. Like the circles that you find in the windmills of your mind!
Lyrics by Dusty Springfield

Open circles and closed circles are archaic cell-like structures I like using for my porcelain jewelry. Here is a selection showing some of my work.

Black porcelain and brocade necklace

Black porcelain necklace by Lisa Lorenz

Brocade and porcelain necklace

Antique brocade and black porcelain, connected with nylon coated gold wire. 57cm length, stainless steel clasp

185.00 CHF


spring hearts

Fairies hanging between the hearts – by Lisa Lorenz


Open circle porcelain earrings

Three porcelain circles per earing and gold plated hooks.

85.00 CHF


Fairies like to pair up – by Lisa Lorenz


Double open circle earrings

Double open circle earrings with gold-plated earrings and a touch of glamour in the middle

75.00 CHF


Watch a funny short video of me wearing and showing my jewelry!

Prices stated on my website exclude postage and I need to give you a quote for it and will be added to the price stated. Please contact me before you make a purchase.

Ask a question and I will answer truthfully!


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