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Why Porcelain

Porcelain is more problematic than clay, far more sensitive and tricky. So why use it?

Because of its translucency, because of its memory and the fine, fine markings you can bring into it. You can also leave the folds and cracks as textures and let nature make its way.

Porcelain textures by Lisa Lorenz

Glazing on porcelain is easier than clay because with porcelain the glaze melts into the body. With clay the glaze melts on top and has to have the exact same contraction as the clay body, otherwise the results will be unsatisfactory. The dress will not fit the bride!

In this sense porcelain is difficult up to the glazing point, which is a long stretch and clay becomes difficult right at the end.

Two different characters, similar to two women before getting married. The first taking a long time to win over, even breaking off – but in the end forms a strong, stable, lasting bond. The second sailing through courting with sweet promises and runs away at the altar.

Which one would you prefer?

Music credits: Joe Pass – Lush Life

I come from the sea, the sea!


I come from the sea, the sea – 2017 by Lisa Lorenz

Porcelain art work

Porcelain square object, 30x30x10Hcm, gold + 3 glazes, Limoges porcelain, coil technique

1,300.00 CHF

Gold accents highlight the cracks where light breaks the water.

Childhood memories of touching and probing strange things and textures in rock pools when we were on holiday in South Africa, where I grew up. I remember the fascination, the fear and excitement of discovering this other world. My nostrils flaring at the smell and the danger of the vast ocean!

For more information about this art object please contact me.

Be a daredevil and make the first move!




In silence I wait for you to arrive

2016-07-17 14.02.08-1_resized-1

Lisa Lorenz: Timeless – the moment before the guest arrives

Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing. 

                              by Khalil Gibran – The Prophet

(Or make beautiful art, or taste subtle flavours!)


Vase with underglaze stencil patterns 7,5×7,5cm

Contact me for details or questions.