Does porcelain break?

Porcelain should be treated like glass. The thicker it is, the less likely it will break. It is very scratch resistant and easy to clean. But when it falls or is bumped it will break.

If my porcelain breaks, can you fix it?

Please contact me if you have a breakage and I will see if I am able to fix it. If I have a spare part I will fix it without cost. If I don’t have a spare part, I will give you a quote to make a new one.


Client service is very dear to my heart. I get such a kick when clients make the jewelry I made their own. The feeling I receive when I can be of service is wonderful!

How can I clean porcelain?

Generally you can clean porcelain with a wet soft cloth. Table art should be hand washed. Lamps and objects can be vacuumed at a low-speed, or dusted off with a cloth. Please take care to not bang against the walls of the works.

Do you ship your work?
  • The jewelry comes in fitting boxes and will be packed carefully.
  • The deco and table art will be packed well and padded to avoid shock.
  • The bigger works need to be discussed individually to find the best solution.
Can I give back a purchase?

Up to 10 days after receiving the jewelry or art work in porcelain, you can give or send it back intact. The postage costs back to me are yours. I will then reimburse you fully for the product price paid.

Please contact me if your questions have not been answered.