Porcelain art objects for your home

Beauty is not a need but an ecstasy.
It is not a mouth thirsting nor an empty hand stretched forth,
but rather a heart inflamed and a soul enchanted” – The Prophet by Khalil Gibran

Natural organic, archaic forms inspire Lisa’s creative work with porcelain. Her art objects enhance a room or living space and can be combined very well with wood, glass and fabrics.

Translucency is her way of meeting the infinite, the impossible: pushing the limits of her materials and of her craftsmanship. Her objects are made in the time-span of 6 to 8 weeks. The glaze-firing becomes the ultimate test and transformer of shape and colour.

Lisa was born and raised in South Africa. She is a concert singer, a composer and porcelain artist living a fully creative live, based near Zurich, Switzerland.


Reassembled bowl – 2017 by Lisa Lorenz


Reassembled bowl

Reassembled porcelain bowl - H2,5 x W21,5 x W17cm with a celadon glaze


Lisa will gladly show you her available works in person. If this is not possible, she will send you photos of her objects on request.


Desert flower – 2016 by Lisa Lorenz

Desert flower

Porcelain art object – three glazes 23x19x8cm



Blue Angel

Blue angel – 2016 by Lisa Lorenz


Blue angel

Porcelain art object – 32x12,5cm, celadon glaze transparent


Nest of light

Basket of light – 2017 by Lisa Lorenz

Basket of light

Porcelain object, two glazes 23x14cm. Ideal for using with a candle.


Prices stated on my website exclude postage and I need to give you a quote for it and will be added to the price stated. Please contact me before you make a purchase.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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