Porcelain art objects

Beauty is not a need but an ecstasy.
It is not a mouth thirsting nor an empty hand stretched forth,
but rather a heart inflamed and a soul enchanted” – The Prophet by Khalil Gibran

Natural organic, archaic forms inspire Lisa’s creative work with porcelain. Her art objects enhance a room or living space and can be combined very well with wood, glass and fabrics.

Translucency is her way of meeting the infinite, the impossible: pushing the limits of her materials and of her craftsmanship. Her objects are made in the time-span of 6 to 8 weeks. The glaze-firing becomes the ultimate test and transformer of shape and colour.

Lisa was born and raised in South Africa. She is a concert singer, a composer and porcelain artist living a fully creative live, based near Zurich, Switzerland.


Sculptural Myth 2

32cm height, 28cm width and 2,6 kg weight

This is my third use of the hexagon as a structural base. The play of light and shadows is enhanced with the transparent matt glaze. The eye is guided into the middle, making the mind wonder what is around the corner. On the outside a slow spiral elevates the observer’s perception landing on the upper-deck to slowly glide down the walls finding calmness in the rhythm, yet allowing the mind to feed on the irregularities. Here is a video I made after the bisque firing before glazing. It catches my joy!




Music credit: Miten and Deva – Blown away




Sculptural Myth 2 – porcelain geometric art object

32Hx28Wcm, TM20 porcelain, hand-building and slab techniques, 1 glaze, 2 firings, transparent. Price includes shipping internationally.

1,800.00 CHF

Sculptural Myth 2

As seen at the Art Box Project in New York – semi-finalist

I come from the sea, the sea!

I come from the sea, the sea! – by Lisa Lorenz

Gold accents highlight the cracks where light breaks the water

30cm height, 30cm width and 2,2kg weight

Childhood memories of touching and probing strange things and textures in rock pools when we were on holiday in South Africa, where I grew up. I remember the fascination, the fear and excitement of discovering this other world. My nostrils flaring at the smell and the danger of the vast ocean!




Porcelain art work

Porcelain square object, 30x30x10Hcm, gold + 3 glazes, Limoges porcelain, coil technique

1,300.00 CHF


As seen at the Art Box Project in New York – participant


Reassembled bowl – 2017 by Lisa Lorenz

Getting a second chance, like after surgery. the underside is unglazed and the round foot carved.




Reassembled porcelain bowl

2,5x21,5 x17cm, celadon glaze, Southern Ice porcelain

200.00 CHF

Lisa will gladly show you her available works in person. If this is not possible, she will send you photos of her objects on request.


Desert flower – 2016 by Lisa Lorenz




Dessert flower – porcelain object

Limoges porcelain, three glazes 23x19x8cm, coil technique.

340.00 CHF

Blue Angel

Blue angel – 2016 by Lisa Lorenz




Blue angel – figurative object

Porcelain art object – 32×12,5cm, celadon glaze, transparent, Limoges porcelain, coil technique.

420.00 CHF

Nest of light

Basket of light – 2017 by Lisa Lorenz




Basket of light – porcelain art

Porcelain object, two glazes 23x14cm. Limoges porcelain, coil technique. Ideal for using with a candle.

380.00 CHF

Prices stated on my website exclude postage and I need to give you a quote for it and will be added to the price stated. Please contact me before you make a purchase.

Ask a question and I will answer truthfully!

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