Hope to continue learning and growing even when I’m old and grey.


December – Extraordinary Christmas Gifts: exhibition and sale at the Toepferei zur Linde in Rapperswil-Jona

October – Zsuzsa Fuezesi: Hand-Werk mit Porzellan, Gordula Tessin

September – Kick-off event organised by the Zurich International Women’s Association: introducing myself and showing my work

June – Antoinette Badenhorst: Porcelain in Perfection, Basel Lehmhuus

May – Joined the Artists Entrepreneur LAB group lead by Catherine Orer

April – Mark McGuinness: Creative Pathfinder, e-course

March – Zsuzsa Fuezesi: Porcelain Hand-Building and its special shapes, Basel Lehmhuus


December – Advent Open Studio mit Sabine Bärtschi: Toepferei zur Linde in Rapperswil-Jona

August – Antoinette Badenhorst:  Pinched Teapots, e-course

May – Antionette Badenhorst: Wheel Thrown Porcelain Dinnerware, e-course

April – Antionette Badenhorst: Understanding Porcelain, e-course

March – Laurin Staub: Throwing on the wheel, Bern Schule fuer Gestalltung


September – Elisabeth Tuero: private lessons till May 2016 in throwing on the wheel

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